15 Spider-Man 2 (2004): $ 250.1 million

Hollywood seems to have developed a real passion for sequels, remakes and predecessors movies, so sometimes it is really hard to keep track of all the characters and their stories. Now we are in the middle of Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man era, but the first trilogy in which Tobey Maguire participated as the main character was famous. The second part of the trilogy's first film that is on our list. Elaborate scenery, great camera work and superb special effects that have made ​​this achievement Oscar worthy were very expensive. However, Spider-Man 2 was able to make a commercial success on the basis of its predecessor.

14 King Kong (2005): $ 250.4 million

King Kong is another epic blockbuster, or to be more specific, Peter Jackson's remake of the famous film by Merian C. Cooper in 1933. This film has exceeded its initial budget, so much that Peter Jackson had to cover more than $ 30 million of costs (this is all happening after the trilogy Lord Of The Rings when Jackson earned a minimum of $ 200 million, so he could certainly afford it). However, in the end, King Kong has earned more money than was spent on its production and had very positive reviews, so this project is really paying off.

13 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003): $ 256.8 million

The first Terminator movie without James Cameron, Rise Of The Machines, takes this franchise into the 21st century, at least in terms of top special effects. Arnold Schwarzenegger found himself in the role in which he was in two previous films, however, this film despite all the effects and the resources had a lack of spirit which made the previous two, especially the second, the eternal classics.

12 John Carter (2012): $ 257.2 million

Launched in 2012, John Carter is one of the "more common" films on this list - in fact, it is shocking how much did this realization cost. Based on the novel Princess of Mars, which dates from 1917, this film has no big stars in the lead roles - virtually the only recognizable name is Willem Dafoe. What raised the cost of production so much was the fact it had to be re-shot because the director Adrew Stanton had experience only with directing animated films. This may not be the smartest move considering that the movie earned about $ 284 million on sales of tickets, which is far less than the consumed massive budget.

11 The Dark Knight Rises (2012): $ 257.2 million

The dramatic conclusion of the famous Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight Rises, was the least ambitious achievement compared to the previous two. Shooting of the film took place in locations that varied - Jodhpur, London, Nottingham, Pittsburgh, New York and Los Angeles, and almost a half hour of the film was filmed by IMAX cameras for the sake of the best possible quality. Scenery, costumes and accessories do add a lot to the overall cost of production, especially since Nolan is a fan of practical effects instead of CGI special.

10 The Hobbit (2012): $ 257.2 million

Interesting fact, the most expensive film of all Peter Jackson’s deed that is based on Tolkien is not one of those epic with wizards, elves, orcs, kingdoms, but adventure of Bilbo Baggins. Like the previous films, which were to place the events in a universe which is a figment of imagination and fantasy, this movie needed special effects, costumes and makeup, and was filmed mostly on the popular sites of New Zealand.

9 Avatar (2009): $ 261 million

James Cameron has been known as someone who relies on technology and special effects to perfectly tell his story for decades, but still, it's a movie that's all gone to a whole new level. The first scenario was actually written in 1994, but Cameron decided to await the development of technologies that could realize his vision, so he could make a film that would look the way he wants it. Fifteen years later, after a huge investment of time and money, this movie is finally launched, with high praise and an Oscar nomination for its visual effects. Also, this movie was a huge success on ticket sales, making it the first film to cross more than $ 2 billion. This experimental move proved to be correct.

8 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006): $ 263.7 million

The most successful films are inspired by other media based on books, comics and graphic novels, but one of the most popular franchises ever is based on a ride at Disneyland. Much of the charm of this film works comes from the inimitable Johnny Depp and his performance of Captain Jack Sparrow. This film won the Oscar for visual effects, which is not so surprising given the massive budget that is spent on them. All this has proved valuable when this is the realization of the film industry has become the fastest film to earn a billion dollars.

7 Waterworld (1995): $ 271.3 million

When it was first introduced in 1995, Waterworld was the most expensive film ever made. Ever since then, the critics were not so nice to this embodiment, wspecially towards acting and directorial work, although the production received high praise. Like many other highly regarded films, Waterworld had difficulties in production - on one occasion, the set was severely damaged by a hurricane. You can imagine much has been invested in this film when the state Hawaii had an inflow of $ 35 million in its budget.

6 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009): $ 275.3 million

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the sixth and the most expensive part of the Harry Potter series, with a significantly higher budget compared to their predecessors. It cost more than a two-part realization of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The effects in this movie are the best that can be seen in the Harry Potter films, cinematography is flawless and fully worthy of Oscar nominations. Also, this is one of the films that received mostly positive reviews.

5 Tangled (2010): $ 281.7 million

When you consider the cost of animation, you might think that all you have to do is to pay for a bunch of artists to work on their computers - no scenery, costumes, or any other expenses. Yet, Disney realization Tangled (Rapunzel) costs as well as the entire trilogy Lord Of The Rings. Studio has decided not to use hand-drawn animation, but CGI, new technologies and methods had to be invented then, so that this achievement would have "the one" touch of Disney. The production of this animated film lasted most of the decade, filmmakers have been altered and is used in high mathematics to Rapunzel’s hair look real.

4 Spider-Man 3 (2007): $ 293.9 million

The third and last Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie with Tobey Maguire starring Spider-Man 3 was very poorly received by critics, although it had a very good response in terms of ticket sales. Shooting of the film took place at several locations in the United States and lasted almost a year. In terms of special effects, this movie continued where his predecessor left off. Three villains, their destructive behavior and disorder, the scenes action - everything looks great. All in all, this was a fun action movie with it beloved superhero – the thing we expect each summer.

3 Titanic (1997): $ 294.3 million

Titanic was launched in theaters just two years after Waterworld and broke it record for the most expensive film ever made. So in a way, it started the trend of grandiose production on water, but luckily this trend did not stay long. Titanic was incredibly successful film which put Leonardo DiCaprio on a journey towards the stars and became the most successful film of all time - until the discovery of the Avatar. The film also received a record number of Oscar nominations (14) and the number of wins (11).

2 Cleopatra (1963): $ 339.5 million

In the example of this film we can see the impact of strenuous thing called inflation. Introduced in 1963, with Liz Taylor in the lead role beside Richard Burton and Rex Harrison, the film had a budget of $ 44 million - when we look at the present time, it is an average, but at the time it was filmed it almost led 20th Century Fox to bankruptcy. The biggest expense was made for scenery and costumes, which had to be created twice. And there is a massive fee for Liz Taylor - in today's money would amount to around $ 50 million. Liz was given a place in the Guinness Book of World Records because of the 65 costumes she wore, and the film won four Oscars out of nine nominations.

1 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007): $ 341.8 million

The third part of the Pirates of the Caribbean series was introduced in the summer of 2007, just weeks after Spider-Man 3, breaking it record of the most expensive film ever made. Although this part may not be the best in the series, the production values ​​are still amazing. In addition to the great investment that was needed to create such work, this film more than compensated for it - when we look at earnings from the purchase of tickets. This means that if you put enough money into something, you find a real star in the main role, you can probably turn a coloring book in a very lucrative series of films.

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Gritti Palace Hotel

This is a place where history and culture are combined with impeccable contemporary luxury - this hotel actually used to be a palace, and it was recently restored in order to respond to the wishes of those most demanding travelers from the 21st century. Luxury elements that you can enjoy during your stay in this hotel are marble floors, stylish ceiling with gold trim, antique furniture pieces and a hand painted piano that takes guests to a completely different time and allows them to have a stay that will forever be remembered.

Passengers who opt for this hotel can choose from 82 rooms and suites, which include Venetian antiques and Murano fixtures, as well as high-class luxury amenities such as Bang & Olufsen TV sets, high-speed internet and more. Regarding the meal option, perhaps the best restaurant is the Club del Doge, which offers the finest cuisine of Venice, next to the international favorite dishes. This hotel also has the largest rooftop terrace in the city, with fantastic views of the canals and magnificent historical buildings.

Perfectly located on the Grand Canal, this luxury hotel is close to all the famous attractions of Venice, such as the Rialto Bridge, St. Mark's Square and Basilica.

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French A manufacturer of motorcycles, Midual, announced the launch of new high-end bike, which is not so much intended for lovers of adrenaline, but for those who enjoy luxury rides ...
Midual Type 1 comes with a 1036 cc flat-twin engine that has 104 horsepower and 100Nm of torque. Aluminum frame holds fuel, and comes with Ohlins suspension: FGRT of 43mm forks and TTX 36 shock. It is also worth noting that the engine is liquid-cooled, with longitudinally mounted Boxer Twin, while the chassis was created by the French airline foundry and is the product to which thousands of hours of development and design were devoted.
As we mentioned at the beginning, this new engine looks very comfortable to ride and as a suitable toy for casual riders with slightly deeper pockets. Price for the new Midual output is $ 185,000, and by the way, that’s how much some luxury and exclusive car models cost. However, we are confident that individuals without much thought aside will spend that amount of money for this toy. The first deliveries of this model luxury motor are scheduled for 2016.

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Connoisseurs of fancy beverages and connoisseurs of cocktails do not recognize it as part of the history of cocktails. Its main part consists of non-edible diamonds, which are the only reason for high prices. Until a few days ago, the official most expensive cocktail of the world was Melbourne's Winston, which was carrying a price of 12.330 dollars. The newly opened Gigi's restaurant in London now presents its version of the most expensive cocktail, which marked the official opening of the restaurant, which bears the name Gigi's as well, and costs $ 14,500.
The opening of this restaurant was marked by a party, while this sophisticated cocktail was dedicated to a famous guest, singer Grace Jones. The ingredients of this cocktail are the best names in the beverage industry. There's Cristal Champagne 1990 and 1888 Samalens Vieille Reliqua Vintage Bas Armagnac. This cocktail also contains Angosutra bitters and sugar. After all drinks mixed, this cocktail is decorated with edible gold leaf. According to the manager of this restaurant, Caesar Papagna, this precious cocktail tastes like liquid gold.

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Purchasing an estate on St Barths means purchasing of one of the world's most exclusive properties with waterfronts. St Barths has been a favorite vacation spot among the jet set for many years and it is not hard to understand why. This villa located in Lorient bay perfectly describes why, as it is designed for the enjoyment of its interior and exterior, according to the criteria of the most demanding visitors. It has a perfect view of the ocean and surrounding islands. It is surrounded by the Royal Palm trees, while there are perfect swimming pool and Jacuzzi adjacent to the sundeck. It has very easy access to the beach, which is yet another of its benefits. Its interior is perfect, and consists of five bedrooms, two separate dining rooms, fully equipped kitchen with space for a perfect breakfast and a comfortable living room. Decorated with luxury amenities and modern objects, this exquisitely designed villa can be yours for the price of 19 million dollars. 

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Aerion Supersonic in Reno, Nev., has been working for the last decade to develop a supersonic business jet, and now the aerospace giant Airbus has joined the team as a partner. Airbus said in September that it will provide a team of senior engineers to work with Aerion to help shepherd the design through the complex certification process. (The companies are currently working together in the initial stage of their engineering collaboration.) Robert Bass, chairman of Aerion, says that the partnership will help the company achieve its goal to have a supersonic airplane flying by 2019, certified in 2021, and entering service in 2022.

The company revealed its latest design, the AS2, in May. The aircraft will be capable of carrying up to 12 passengers in a 30-foot-long cabin at speeds up to 1,218 mph (Mach 1.6), with a range objective of 5,450 miles or better.  The United States prohibits airspeeds above Mach 1 in its airspace, but Aerion says that high speeds on transoceanic routes will still provide unmatched point-to-point travel times for a civilian jet. For example, the AS2 will be able to fly from Chicago to Frankfurt, Germany, nonstop in just over five hours. The market price for the AS2 is expected to be above $100 million. (aerionsupersonic.com)

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With the aim of celebrating the grand opening of Salon de Parfum boutique in Harrods, British perfumer Clive Christian created a special edition of its No1 perfume, which costs a whopping 228,000 dollars. Although the standard packaging of this perfume is sold at a price of about $ 1,000, this edition is special because of its crystal bottle and holds the title of most expensive perfume in the world, because of its packaging. Crystal bottle of the special edition is hand made ​​and decorated with a refined work of 24 carat gold. Each of the bottles is decorated with 2.000 individually set diamonds. At the same time, this fragrance is a tribute to Queen Victoria, and therefore has a cap in the shape of a crown that includes two yellow and a rare pink diamond.

"I was inspired to create a precious bottle of perfume, that would be special as the royal crown, in order to commemorate this event," said Christian on his website. In this extravagant bottle is a precious 30ml perfume that smells like Tahitian vanilla and rose. Although so far there are allegations from a number of parties that this perfume is the most expensive perfume in the world, officials from the Guinness Book of World Records have not confirmed anything yet. 

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«ARTVISION» is a growing in popularity international videomapping contest that is open to professionals and beginning artists from all over the world. The contest is held on an annual basis in the framework of the Moscow International festival «–°ircle of light».

This year the contest will give additional enrollment opportunities for participation - according to the new rules, it is possible to submit works to 3 nominations within the contest: classical architectural mapping contest (ARTVISION Classic), contemporary art mapping contest (ARTVISION MODERN) and VJs battle contest (ARTVISION VJ).


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